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If you’ve recently injured your eyes or need specialized eyewear for work, Parrelli Optical provides an extensive selection of prescription safety glasses Beverly MA for a variety of uses. Even if you’re not quite sure what you need, Parrelli’s optometrists will help you select the perfect eyewear to protect your eyes.

Home Prescription Safety Glasses in Beverly, MA

Whether you’re healing after surgery, recovering from a scratched lens, or are about to undertake a major home renovation, prescription safety glasses Beverly MA will give you perfect vision while keeping your eyes safe from further harm. You can order a brand new pair of safety glasses using your existing prescription at Parrelli Optical, or you can stop by for a comprehensive eye exam.

Prescription Safety Eyewear for Work and Sports

Prescription Safety Glasses Beverly MA

Sometimes, you’re required to wear safety glasses while working. If you work in a factory or other industrial setting, laws like OSHA regulate what types of glasses workers can wear. You probably face falling debris, flying gravel, and sharp objects every single day. Regular glasses can shatter and end up causing more damage to your eyes than the object that’s flying right at your head.

When you’re on the job, you can’t impair your vision with inexpensive goggles that squeeze your glasses against your head. Anyone who wears glasses knows how uncomfortable goggles are after just a few minutes, but you can improve your visibility and safety by wearing prescription safety glasses.

Handled safely, guns still pose a small risk to the people firing them. You can always select goggles, but they’ll distort your vision and make you miss your mark more often than not. Safety eyewear is equally useful if you enjoy playing soccer, baseball, or other sports. Regardless of the activity, you can protect the most vulnerable part of your body while still looking your best with Parrelli Optical’s prescription safety glasses in Beverly, MA.